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East Coast Trip – Quebec

This summer, I went on my very first REAL road trip with friends – to Eastern Canada!! The last time I visited The Maritimes was probably back around third grade with my parents. I cannot remember anything about it – except for my parents giggling to themselves secretly about a rock at Hopewell Rocks that looked a bit inappropriate. Their defense when I brought it up to them recently, was that the tour guide pointed it out to them first. Embarking on this journey with me were Alicia, Crystal, James, Steve and Thomas. You’ll catch glimpses of them in the blog posts and photos to comeūüôā

Our one week trip was meticulously planned out and jam packed with various activities (mostly hikes and must-go-to restaurants); going from Toronto –> Montreal/Quebec City –> New Brunswick –> PEI –> Nova Scotia Continue reading

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ATV Adventures

Didn’t get the chance to dune bash in an actual ATV in Dubai, so I sufficed for the next best thing – ATV at home, right here in Ontario. ¬† ¬†For a 1 hour private tour with ATV Adventure Tours¬†it is regularly $138/person excluding tax , but with the coupon (which I got from Appreciation Events through work) ¬†total per person was $82 after tax. Not bad for the novelty and just about 1.5-2 hours drive to Collingwood from Toronto.


vroom vroom

The instructor presets all the gears and functions for us before we drive so there was nothing to worry about Continue reading

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Dundas Peak

The only purposely planned hiking excursion that I went to this year locally was to Dundas Peak (while alongside visitng Mac the alma mater). Not quite sure what I was so busy with all summer and fall because I normally love planning excursions!


Even though I semi-lived in Hamilton for a good 4 years during my studies at McMaster, I always went home on the weekends as much as I could, and barely went around town…let alone go hiking. It was my first time at Dundas Peak and I had only seen of it in pictures on social media.¬† Little did I know the hike to the peak was so short ._. Continue reading

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Halloween at Mayze Games



My friend Stanley of Mayze Games, kindly invited me and some friends to try out their new escape rooms. And I thought what better time to go than Halloween? Considering one of the rooms was a haunted house style theme!

They’ve been open for about 2-3 months and have 2 rooms available. The one we played was “The Truth of Osaka High” where the premise is that some of our fellow students have been dying one by one and we wanted to enter the now abandoned school to investigate the most recent death.  Continue reading

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Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is probably one of the grandest and most beautiful piece of architecture I have laid my eyes on in person. How could it not? More than 3,000 workers and 38 contracting companies globally¬†took part in the creation of the mosque using materials such as marble stone, gold, semi-precious jewels, ceramics, and crystals. Let’s not forget the gorgeous floral design!


The most iconic view – even hypebeast posted a near identical shot (from another photographerūüė¶ )

Some noteworthy features on its grandeur: Continue reading



Well, I’ve recently¬†made the financial and psychological commitment to getting LASIK surgery back around September long weekend. It is something that I had always wanted to do since I was a child as I had been unluckily sporting glasses since grade 2. I had a very bad experience with hard contacts as a child in gr 4/5, and thus did not try soft lens until really last year. I still didn’t enjoy wearing them as my eyes would get dry easily and it would cause discomfort.

I was scared about the slim chance of failure and complications but was more eager to get it however after a close friend of mine, Adrienne,  got the surgery about half year ago. In a sense she was my guinea pig to prove to me personally that it IS in fact safe. Continue reading