Omakase @ YASU

Had my first full fledged omakase at Yasu in celebration of my birthday this month.  Omakase means chef’s choice set course, and this is the only menu offering available at Yasu. At  $135 per guest for a 2 hour seating, the meal consists of 20+ items. The menu mostly comprises of nigiri sushi, but we also had a few appetizers throughout the meal, and a dessert at the end.

It was an outstanding meal where although there were so many pieces, we never felt rushed or too full. They also offer to reduce the size of the rice in the sushi if you start to feel full. Their only dining time slots are 7:15pm and 9:15pm – be sure to make reservations well in advance as seating is extremely limited.

Highly recommend to try Yasu as personally, it is the best sushi I have ever had (and I have been to Tsukiji, albeit not the most popular spot) . Price is on the higher side but well worth it for a special occasion! There were 3 other patrons celebrating their birthdays the same night as me 😂

Full Listing of menu items (can vary):

  1. Smoked bonito with ponzu sauce
  2. Shirako 
  3. Shima aji
  4. Uni from Boston vs. Hokkaido
  5. Fluke / flounder
  6. Snow crab with crab liver
  7. Ocean trout
  8. Lobster with yuzu dust
  9. Fish broth miso soup (not pictured but very very delicious and rich)
  10. Tuna trio – akami, chuutoro, ootoro (served to be eaten leanest to fattiest meat)
  11. Monkfish
  12. Kanpachi
  13. Salom roe and negi toro rice
  14. Scallop
  15. Saba topped with daikon
  16. Anago
  17. Tamago fish cake
  18. Black sesame ice cream (also not pictured, they add a candle for your birthday)

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