San Francisco

I had looked up a few tourist spots to hit up while in San Francisco which Matt and I went around to do on our own. We booked a few days at the San Francisco Downtown Hostel to save on money as it was even cheaper than Airbnb and in a much better location in the city core.

One of the most picturesque things we did was a mini hike to Lands End where you can get a nice view of the Golden Gate Bridge.
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We had scheduled for a 2 day, 1 night trip at Yosemite right before holiday time officially kicks in and before prices go crazy. We opted for the cheapest option – a heated tent at Camp Curry. Everyone I told was in shock that we would cheap out so much to live in a tent.  But surprisingly and to our delight, it wasn’t that bad at all if you just plan to simply sleep in it. It’s a mini cabin size but has tent-like tarp walls instead of log cabin.

Originally we had intended to borrow a ZipCar which Matt signed up for shortly before we flew out to SF, however his account still had not validated in time for us to use. Thankfully, SF being most technologically advanced, they had an app made for borrowing cars! Continue reading “Yosemite”

San Mateo

I’ve slated my trip to San Francisco for probably a good year ever since my best friend Beatrice moved there semi-permanently for work. At my previous employment, I had mandatory vacation holidays to be taken around Christmas for 2 week office closure so that ended up being the most optimal time for me to go, despite high holiday prices. I had been planning to go alone at first but luckily, Matt ended up joining me on the trip 🙂 Continue reading “San Mateo”

Jumping Through Peru – Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu, here we come! The day we had been looking forward to for months. The spot Alicia and I were most excited to ‘JUMP’ at!

The morning started off in a huge rush for everyone. The plan was to head to the Sun Gate by 4:30AM (or so) to line up to enter, so that we could see the view of a sunrise upon Machu Picchu itself. Continue reading “Jumping Through Peru – Machu Picchu”

Jumping Through Peru – Inca Trail Pt. 3

Day 3 of the hike was relatively supposed to be the easiest, as it would be a steady decline, but it would be for the longest length at 16km.  This day we actually had a lunch break in the middle of the hike as the total hike would’ve taken too long. I thought it would only get easier since we had already completed 2 days, and my legs weren’t even sore! However, slowly but surely my feet itself started to hurt from each step’s pressure on the rocky ground floor. Continue reading “Jumping Through Peru – Inca Trail Pt. 3”

Jumping Through Peru – The Inca Trail Pt. 2

As bedtime is usually at around 8pm when the sun sets and dinner is over, waking up early to hike at 5 or 6am is usually not a problem. Day 2 of The Inca Trail has been said to be the hardest day of all as we will reach the highest altitude point of Dead Woman`s Pass at around 4,200M.  Not only can altitude sickness due to lower atmospheric pressure kick in, the walk itself would be a steep incline. Continue reading “Jumping Through Peru – The Inca Trail Pt. 2”