Tokyo Day 4 – Got a Tokyo Tour From a Local!

A couple days prior, at our AirBnb host’s English Speaking Cafe, Mickey House, we met our new friend Gary!  He’s from the UK and has been working in Tokyo for around a year so he’s pretty much just as good as any Japanese local to foreigners like us. Luckily for us, he had friends from the UK and Hong Kong who were flying in for vacation and offered to tour us all at the same time. Having experienced many communication struggles the last week in Korea and Japan, I was more than happy to latch onto anyone that could speak English.

He brought us to MANY places. Some that we intended to visit ourselves, and some that we did not even know about! It was a bit rushed as we moved from place to place quickly, but nonetheless an amazing experience. Continue reading “Tokyo Day 4 – Got a Tokyo Tour From a Local!”

Am I not cultured enough for The Black Hoof?

Halfway into the meal and still not loving any of the dishes like the other diners at The Black Hoof, I turned to my friend Adrienne and asked, “Are we not cultured enough for this?”  To which she comforted me (possibly both of us, haha) by saying that we’re just well-travelled and have eaten many things, so we aren’t phased by the sort of “interesting” dishes Black Hoof offers. I like to believe that she has a point. Continue reading “Am I not cultured enough for The Black Hoof?”

Tokyo 2013, Day 2 & 3 – Shibuya and TGC A/W 2013

Prior to going to Japan, I had discovered that the A/W 2013 Tokyo Girls Collection would be held while we were in Tokyo!! I was very excited because TGC is one of the largest fashion event in Tokyo especially in the “trendy” fashion scene. We weren’t able to purchase tickets online without a Japanese address, but there was a chance we would be able to get it at the airport. Because we weren’t sure if we would be even able to attend, we did not bring any clothes suitable to wear at one  – no ultra fancy clothes, and definitely no heels.  We did get tickets in the end and that meant we had to buy everything!!!! Continue reading “Tokyo 2013, Day 2 & 3 – Shibuya and TGC A/W 2013”

Tokyo 2013, Day 1 – Ikebukuro & J World

On our first day in Tokyo we decided to visit J World, a Shonen Jump theme park that just opened about a month before our arrival. It’s a really small theme park just inside a mall but we just had to go since it’s the closest thing we can get to living our anime dreams. For me I just really wanted to eat their Ichiraku Ramen just like Naruto : 3 Continue reading “Tokyo 2013, Day 1 – Ikebukuro & J World”