October 2018

This month I really loved being able to easily access anything in the city. It felt refreshing to be able to walk out for dessert or grab drinks on a whim (without worrying who the designated driver is!). This is such a novelty for me as I lived in Markham for probably 15 years, where going anywhere required driving.

Here’s my October round up:

1) Cauldron Ice Cream – Rose petal shaped nitrogen ice cream x egg waffle, yes please! They have a rotating monthly menu and seasonal special flavours too.

Sun Moon & Stars and Earl Grey Lavendar

2) Momos at Himalayan Kitchen – So many Tibetan choices at the west end of Toronto, but this place was recommended by my friend Kiran. Like a mix of Chinese and Indian cuisine, tasty and spicy!! Tried the deep fried and steamed spicy chicken momos and will definitely be returning to try more.


3) Brunch at Saving Grace – A great range of dishes available in their menu so you are bound to find a dish for everyone. They serve fusion, lighter breakfasts and of course the traditional eggs and sausages. I opted for a lighter meal with their brie & pear open faced sandwich.  Bonus: Mejuri showroom is just across the street!

4) Waterlicht @ The Bentway – An illuminating large-scale light installation from Dutch artist Daan Roosegaarde. The lights flooded beneath The Gardiner Expressway to simulate a virtual flood to garner awareness to rising water levels at Toronto shorelines. I also visited a few exhibits for Nuit Blance this year, but personally enjoyed this more.

5) Amausaan Uji Matcha – A cafe that specializes in matcha desserts and drinks. A good alternative to Tsujiri especially if you want to sit down comfortably and chat with friends. The interior is extremely cute and Kyoto-esque.

6) YouTube Night Market – A small night market nestled in a King West parking lot to promote the YouTube Music App. Several local vendors such as Maker Pizza and Burdock Brewery were present, and they also had a live DJ.  We played around with their interactive and illusion based backdrop which imitates the Ariana Grande music video.

7) Love Child Social House – Workspace by day, club by night. Also open at evenings as a venue for events. Went clubbing for the first time in a long time to join Alicia at her sister Cheryl’s birthday which also coincided with Halloween weekend. Yeah, we did not dress up.

That’s it for October! Can’t believe the month went by so fast.

November might not have a monthly round up because I have already done several things during my birthday weekend that deserve a post of their own! Look forward to a post on Yasu’s omakase and the Happy Place exhibit. Also maybe one eventually on Mexico as I am going later in the month for vacation!

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