Hiking Day Trip: Hilton Falls

Kevin and I embarked our first road trip to Hilton Falls earlier this month. Being only an hour from Toronto, it was the perfect weekend getaway.


Hilton Falls is great for any nature lover with hiking, biking and horseback riding trails. It also has several sight seeing points – a waterfall, a reservoir, and an old mill ruin. What sold us to this park was their staff managed bonfires. We could have the camping experience of roasting marshmallows and hot dogs at a campfire without all the fuss of setting up.

The park has an entrance and parking fee of $7 / person, but I would recommend it to any new or beginner hikers. The trails are an easy hike, are well maintained and marked (maps also available). The park is family friendly with a welcome centre that has clean washrooms, a snacks store, and a large parking lot. The park is dog friendly too.


There are 3 trails open for hiking – one to the waterfalls and first bonfire, one to the reservoir, and one to the second more secluded bonfire. They all loop back to the starting point by the parking lot. Walking a combination of all 3 trails took us about 4 hours. If you’re up for the walk, I recommend the trail to the farther bonfire after visiting the waterfall. Much less people on this path which allows a more tranquil hike, and you can use the bonfire more exclusively.

Remember to bring your own skewers or tongs, and precooked sausages would always be more convenient too!

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