The Priest of Burgers.

How long has The Burger’s Priest been in Toronto for?  I honestly do not know. All I know is, it had been far too long for me to have not eaten one of their burgers at least once. Every time I go downtown to eat it is usually for something for more “fancy” so I never had the chance to try out this burger joint which arguably (by some), serves the best burgers in Toronto.   Continue reading “The Priest of Burgers.”

Christmastime in Toronto

Toronto is unfortunately not one of the most beautiful cities in the world during Christmastime, but we do get a little bit of Christmas festivity from the Toronto Christmas Market which is held at the Historical Distillery District each year from late November to mid-December. It’s pretty neat since the whole section is especially full of Christmas spirit from all the decorations and lights, and of course music. Continue reading “Christmastime in Toronto”

Tokyo Day 5 – Tsukiji Fish Market & GIANT GUNDAM

It was our 3rd last day in Tokyo (2nd last full day) and we still had much we wanted to do. As we were not able to fit it all into our agenda, we decided to cut out the shopping (as we’ve shopped quite a bit to the point the credit cards had to come out) and focus on the tourist activities.

We originally intended to go to Tsukiji Market at 4am. Yes, 4 AM which is when you must arrive to be able to view the fish auction!! I saw it once on TV and it looked pretty fun so I definitely wanted to see it in person!  That plan got pushed aside almost immediately as we started to lose our jetlag, stay out later, and sleep in. We ended up arriving around lunchtime. Supposedly, there is an inner (better one) and outer market, but we had lots of difficulty even finding the “market” that we just stuck to whichever we found. To this day I still don’t know which one it is…probably outer.  My hairstylist in Toronto suggested for me to go to “Sushi Big” because that’s the one he likes, but it had a very long line. After much deliberation, we ended up picking one that had a cute old man out front as the greeter. Continue reading “Tokyo Day 5 – Tsukiji Fish Market & GIANT GUNDAM”