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Hotline Fring’s

Apparently Drake is our hometown hero, did you know that? While watching the Golden State Warriors vs. Cleveland Cavaliers game in Oakland on Christmas Day last year, the guy beside me who was from Vancouver said to me after finding out Matt and I were from Toronto, “Your hometown hero is here.” Took me a few miliseconds to realize he meant Drake….cause I mean, no one would call Justin Bieber our hero I assume. Plus, Drake is well known to show up to basketball games with his love for popular players like Stephen Curry and Lebron James.


That’s Drake right there to the left of the guy in the Santa hat (our neighbour saw it on Snapchat) and amazingly in our far seats, Matt’s camera was able to zoom in enough. #drizzydrake

Anyway, to the main point of this post, after a 2 month reservation wait (booked on OpenTable) Matt and I got our turn to visit Drake x Susur Lee’s restaurant Fring’s a couple weeks ago. Continue reading

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Jumping Through Peru – The Inca Trail Pt. 1

The day of the hike has finally begun! Unfortunately for our group (and all the groups doing the hike the same time as us), we had to walk an extra 1-2km due to road closures. There was only one small road that brings us from Ollantaytambo to the starting point of The Inca Trail at KM 82, and that road just so happened to be going through restoration, so many large holes were dug up and filled with local construction workers.  As much as we were unhappy with the extra distance…it made us realize the ones who were least lucky were the workers themselves who frequently would have to stop whatever they were doing for us to all walk through. Continue reading



When I was compiling my top 9 memories of the year while everyone was doing their best nine Instagram photos (I wanted to be a part of it too and to also be nostalgic of what I had done the past year), I was a bit disappointed and shocked that I had difficulty in choosing my last 1-2 photos. I thought I had done more.

I felt like I had at the least, I mean, I went to freaking Peru!

Here is said collage:

This collage making has showed me that if I want to have more memorable moments / proud moments I have got to do more in 2016. But it has also allowed me to realize a lot of memorable moments don’t have to be big per se where a photo was taken to commemorate.

In a similar fashion to last year, here’s a list in no particular order of moments that I am proud of and thankful for.

  1. Finishing the CMA board report and obtaining my designation
  2. Completing the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu and making great new friends along the way
  3. Participating in my first 10K race and completing it at a time very close to my one hour target (I blame the heat, it was ridiculously hot that day)
  4. Learning how to snowboard (kinda) and going on an awesome yet frigid road trip to Lake Placid (New York, Vermont…same difference)
  5. Proving myself in the wilderness through several camping trips this summer and of course in Peru!
  6. Meeting and having an awesome group of friends that I can call my regulars
  7. Fulfilling my promise of visiting Bea in San Francisco
  8. Getting a new job, again. Hopefully I’ll be here for a longer run.
  9. Everyone that accepts my weird and whiny antics and frequent resting bitch face and somehow still loves me

I was reading Mark Manson’s article earlier last week on how habits are a better action item than goals for a New Year’s resolution and it made a lot of sense to me… As habits are small tasks you do that compile (or in his words, compound) to help attain the final goal / desired result. His theory is that once the habit is formed it becomes more easy to ultimately meet your end goal, as you will be regularly and habitually be working towards it. Supposedly it only takes 30 days to form a habit! Isn’t that amazing?

Many of the habits I want are similar to last year’s: getting back to that gym, having a more tidy room on a daily basis, having a less lazy skincare routine, and maybe to be more sociable and less judgemental of strangers.

I’m looking forward to what 2016 will bring. One thing is for sure, I’m going to Dubai in May 😎

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Jumping through Peru – Sacred Valley & Ollantaytambo

On our third day, we travelled further into even more rural areas visiting the Sacred Valley of the Incas on our way to the town of Ollantaytambo. The morning started with an educational visit to Ccaccaccollo’s Planeterra which was a women’s weaving co-op (supported by G-Adventures) where we got to learn and see how the textiles were weaved and created. Many of us got the opportunity to take the famous #llamaselfie shots as they had a small farm.  Only later we discovered most of them were alpaca instead. This was also the main location that most of us bought our llama and alpaca wool souvenirs for family and friends. Continue reading