September 2018

Moving downtown has been a big change for me, one that I embarked around mid-August. The adulting aspect of it is gruelling and I dislike walking and taking public transit…but I am really enjoying living in the city core. Toronto just has so much to offer – there is always something happening and new each and every week. My plan is to do a monthly log to share some cool finds to fellow Torontonians living either downtown or uptown to check out.

Here’s my September round up of discoveries.

  1. Mira – Peruvian food with a Japanese twist.
  2. Sukoi Desserts – another take on the soft serve x taiyaki trend.
  3. Unzipped – The Serpentine Wall famously dubbed as “unzipped wall”. Replica is reconstructed in Toronto and open to public until Nov 30. 
  4. La Cubana – casual (and delicious) Cuban fare
  5. The ROM – gorgeous wedding venue for anyone looking with budget.
  6. Omaw – Restaurant with a secret party room in the back perfect for private larger group functions. Thanks Michelle for the invite and introducing the place!

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