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Treetop Trekking Adventures.

Sometimes I don’t know why I put myself into positions that makes me nervous, maybe because I think the only way to grow is to be outside of my comfort zone. I have a major fear of heights, and especially falling from high places. That and plus my extreme paranoia of things going wrong, it’s a surprise I would ever sign up for treetop trekking. Β I went however because it was a social / team bonding event with my fellow Mon Sheong Youth Group / DiSCOVER execs and, when else would I get the chance to go? Continue reading

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Me and Dragon Boat.

When people ask me if I play sports or work out I usually answer with “not really, but I do dragon boat..”. Β Which usually comes off as a surprise to everyone because my physical stature is probably more suitable to be the drummer instead of a paddler on the boat. Continue reading


A new blog for a new direction.

I’d like to think that I am moving in a new direction in life because I have gone through a lot of career and life changes within the past year, and I think that calls for a new blog. I’ve always wanted more of a lifestyle blog and not a food blog, so this will be my attempt at producing that. I’ll probably still have many food-related posts, as eating good food and trying out new restaurants is still a big part of me. But hopefully I’ll be able to successfully venture out onto different topics as well.

And travel will definitely be one of them. I will be going on a 2 week trip to Korea and Japan in about 3 days – so stay tuned!