Jumping Through Peru – Lima

I feel like my trip to Peru deserves a prequel of its own, because I don’t think it is very characteristic of me to embark on such a journey.  The idea of going of going to Peru first started over a year ago when Adrienne and I were trying to plan a vacation together. It has always been a life goal of hers to do the Inca Trail and visit Machu Picchu. At that time, I was kind of impartial. The catalyst that made me change my mind was when she had told me that her parents also wanted to visit Machu Picchu but were unable to do the physical hike any more due to age and body concerns. At that moment, I had realized that this was a trip I should go on despite its difficulty because it is very hard to find a travelling partner who has the same ideal destination and has a matching vacation schedule. I didn’t want to lose out on this opportunity and be unable to do it in the future.

We had tried to book it for October 2014, but unfortunately, all the permits were fully sold out.  Since then I had been determined to accomplish the Inca Trail as I had set my mind on it. Luckily, I managed to rope Alicia in with me and we booked it in March 2015 (for September 2015).

After a half year wait, our trip had finally come! Continue reading “Jumping Through Peru – Lima”