Ladies’ Night is Every Night in Dubai

Being a lady is great in Dubai if you enjoy going to the bar for a few drinks after work. You don’t need to worry about cover or paying for your drinks – don’t even need to chat up guys for free drinks either!  A very popular and well known weekly event is Tuesday Ladies’ Night – most bars and clubs partake in this. And they give up to sometimes 3 or 4 drink tickets per person!!!! Why don’t we have this here?

In addition, you are likely to be able to find a Ladies’ Night for every night of the week somewhere within the city. In our case we went to four – Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.  Continue reading “Ladies’ Night is Every Night in Dubai”

Desert Safari in Dubai

In Dubai, a very popular tourist attraction (I believe is a tourist trap though), is their desert safari excursions. I mean, I still signed up excitedly no less. We chose ours with Arabian Nights because we found a BOGO discount for it.

The itinerary said it included:
  1. Sand dune bashing
  2. Sand boarding
  3. Camel Riding
  4. Henna Tattoo
  5. Meal / Shisha
The main attraction is the dune bashing inside a Land Cruiser and the add on’s that I was especially interested in were sand boarding and camel riding.

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