Becoming a Chocolate Connoisseur (kind of)

A couple weeks ago I was invited to attend a chocolate making workshop hosted by Chocolate Tales. They have a variety of classes such as Chocolate Making, Tempering, Truffle Making and Decorating, and at multiple locations in the GTA. However because I work in Mississauga, a lot of the weekday classes were not as convenient for me, I would have loved to attend the Truffle Making 101 class! I attended one of their Classic Chocolate Making Works classes on Saturdays at Swansea Town Hall. Continue reading “Becoming a Chocolate Connoisseur (kind of)”

Kyoto 2013 – Higashiyama & Kiyomizu Temple

We only had one afternoon in Kyoto because we spent the morning in Osaka, and wanted to reach Tokyo by nightime, BUT we got to do pretty much all that I wanted to in Kyoto.  Which was mainly to walk along the  the famous stone paved roads inHigashiyama-ku where all the  shops that are historically preserved to resemble Old Kyoto, and to visit Kiyomizudera. Continue reading “Kyoto 2013 – Higashiyama & Kiyomizu Temple”