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Treetop Trekking Adventures.

Sometimes I don’t know why I put myself into positions that makes me nervous, maybe because I think the only way to grow is to be outside of my comfort zone. I have a major fear of heights, and especially falling from high places. That and plus my extreme paranoia of things going wrong, it’s a surprise I would ever sign up for treetop trekking. Β I went however because it was a social / team bonding event with my fellow Mon Sheong Youth Group / DiSCOVER execs and, when else would I get the chance to go? And also I thought a picture of me climbing would look very cool on Instagram. Unfortunately I do not have said picture because most of us didn’t bring our phones with us due to lack of pockets.

I think my fear of heights subsided a bit from my previous rock climbing experience as I was surprisingly not scared while climbing or going through the obstacles in the air, and didn’t feel too woozy looking down as I walked (but I still tried to prevent myself from looking down). Β Treetop trekking is pretty much obstacle courses, or as they call it Aerial Game Courses, in the forest going from tree to tree (with man-made platforms) in the air – not climbing up trees as I had originally imagined. It’s a lot of walking on wires, walking on steps (hung by wires), climbing ladders, and ZIP-LINING!


Google imaged picture for you all to see what it sort of looks like.

Zip-lining was actually something way out of my comfort zone because I am someone who hates that “stomach feeling” you get when on a roller coaster…and this seemed to be very similar in nature. I wasn’t even sure I would zip-line at all in the beginning. Β However, it is pretty much apart of every course and we started off with beginner courses with smaller and slower zip-lines. At the end of the day I even managed to zip-line across Heart Lake AND back! Contrary to my belief, zip-lining doesn’t go very fast, though I think it has to do with your weight and gravitational pull. For my last zip-line I didn’t even reach all the way to the end (because I wasn’t heavy enough, or going fast enough) that I had to pull myself to the end. Thankfully it was a short distance.

All in all, the obstacles are not too difficult and are made to be do-able and safe. Not once did I ever slip or was unable to do something, and ended up just dangling from my harness (something I was afraid of happening). But apparently the Brampton location I went to was one of the easier ones, so I am definitely looking forward to going again, and possibly to one of the other locations : )


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