DOMA Toronto Tasting Menu

Doma a French inspired Korean restaurant is the first-time endeavor of Chef Paul Kim from Seoul, Korea. Their menu changes slightly each month by incorporating new items and rolling forward a few popular items from the previous menu.

For $65 per person, you can experience their 9-course tasting menu which is effectively also their entire monthly offerings. Great deal!

I went in the month of May and some of their popular entree type items are still currently available on their menu this month. Continue reading “DOMA Toronto Tasting Menu”

Tapas Only.

Had a girls date with my friend Karen at Tapagria a few weeks ago where we decided to go all out and order whatever tapas we wanted without caring about the price XD

I’ve only been to Tapagria once with a few friends over a year ago and didn’t get too many of their tapas as we got a large paella to share, so it was nice to finally try more of their menu.

$5.00 Sangrias on Thursdays too! Continue reading “Tapas Only.”

Winterlicious at Marcel’s Bistro & the Best Ice Cream Ever!!

My 2nd Winterlicious 2014 meal was with Adrienne at Marcel’s Bistro. I had actually created a list of restaurants I was interested in and sent this out to my friends (lol I am OCD like that), and then I would let them narrow it down / pick which one they like most. Marcel’s Bistro was the one Adrienne liked most out of my list! Continue reading “Winterlicious at Marcel’s Bistro & the Best Ice Cream Ever!!”

Seoul 2013, Day 4 – Ice / Trick Eye Museum & Han River

Since the day before we didn’t get much time to walk around and check out the shops at HongDae, we decided to go back the next day. Adrienne and I actually meticulously planned out where we wanted to go / what we wanted to do per district and for HongDae we listed out a popular Trick Eye Museum, a restaurant and a cafe which were run by 1TYM (a korean hip hop group) members.  To be honest, I had forgotten about these 3 places by the time we were in Korea since we had planned our itinerary weeks before the trip. Continue reading “Seoul 2013, Day 4 – Ice / Trick Eye Museum & Han River”