Hiking Day Trip: Hilton Falls

Kevin and I embarked our first road trip to Hilton Falls earlier this month. Being only an hour from Toronto, it was the perfect weekend getaway. Continue reading “Hiking Day Trip: Hilton Falls”

5 Days in Montreal

Montreal is a popular long weekend destination for us in Toronto since it’s only a 6 – 7 hour drive away. I visited Montreal for the first time as an adult over the Canadian Thanksgiving holidays. Here are some of the cool things I did during the 5 days.  Live in an awesome Airbnb. Although your stay indoors might be short, a great accommodation does make … Continue reading 5 Days in Montreal

Kilimanjaro – The Ascent

A summary of several important conditions for those considering climbing Kilimanjaro. Detailed packing list at the end and separate post on The Summit to follow.

Please note that this is based on my individual experience which can vary depending on the operating company chosen, the route, the weather and of course your personal preferences.

The operating company: G Adventures

The time period: August 4 – 11, 2017

The route: Lemosho route, a 7 night, 8 day hike where summit is starting at midnight of day 7 (effectively nighttime of day 6). This route was chosen because it was the longest and provides the most time to acclimatize, which helps increase the chance of a successful summit. Continue reading “Kilimanjaro – The Ascent”

2 Views of Hopewell Rocks

To see Hopewell Rocks in its full beauty, we planned our trip so we could see it both at low tide and at high tide. Two very different experiences, but I preferred the low tide view more because you could see the landscape in a more panoramic view, and we got to walk around however we wanted!


At low tide I felt we could really see more of the rock formations and I just love seeing what kinds of animals and faces the rock formations look like (like cloud watching)! Continue reading “2 Views of Hopewell Rocks”

ATV Adventures

Didn’t get the chance to dune bash in an actual ATV in Dubai, so I sufficed for the next best thing – ATV at home, right here in Ontario. For a 1 hour private tour with ATV Adventure Tours it is regularly $138/person excluding tax , but with the coupon (which I got from Appreciation Events through work)  total per person was $82 after tax. Not bad for the novelty and just about 1.5-2 hours drive to Collingwood from Toronto. Continue reading “ATV Adventures”

Seoul 2013, Day 4 – Ice / Trick Eye Museum & Han River

Since the day before we didn’t get much time to walk around and check out the shops at HongDae, we decided to go back the next day. Adrienne and I actually meticulously planned out where we wanted to go / what we wanted to do per district and for HongDae we listed out a popular Trick Eye Museum, a restaurant and a cafe which were run by 1TYM (a korean hip hop group) members.  To be honest, I had forgotten about these 3 places by the time we were in Korea since we had planned our itinerary weeks before the trip. Continue reading “Seoul 2013, Day 4 – Ice / Trick Eye Museum & Han River”