We had scheduled for a 2 day, 1 night trip at Yosemite right before holiday time officially kicks in and before prices go crazy. We opted for the cheapest option – a heated tent at Camp Curry. Everyone I told was in shock that we would cheap out so much to live in a tent.  But surprisingly and to our delight, it wasn’t that bad at all if you just plan to simply sleep in it. It’s a mini cabin size but has tent-like tarp walls instead of log cabin.

Originally we had intended to borrow a ZipCar which Matt signed up for shortly before we flew out to SF, however his account still had not validated in time for us to use. Thankfully, SF being most technologically advanced, they had an app made for borrowing cars! Continue reading “Yosemite”

The Priest of Burgers.

How long has The Burger’s Priest been in Toronto for?  I honestly do not know. All I know is, it had been far too long for me to have not eaten one of their burgers at least once. Every time I go downtown to eat it is usually for something for more “fancy” so I never had the chance to try out this burger joint which arguably (by some), serves the best burgers in Toronto.   Continue reading “The Priest of Burgers.”

Tokyo 2013, Day 1 – Ikebukuro & J World

On our first day in Tokyo we decided to visit J World, a Shonen Jump theme park that just opened about a month before our arrival. It’s a really small theme park just inside a mall but we just had to go since it’s the closest thing we can get to living our anime dreams. For me I just really wanted to eat their Ichiraku Ramen just like Naruto : 3 Continue reading “Tokyo 2013, Day 1 – Ikebukuro & J World”