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Osaka 2013 – Shinsaibashi, Dotonbori & Kuromon Market

For the Japan part of my trip, it was only Adrienne, Orson and I because Alvin unfortunately had to go back to Hong Kong since he didn’t have much vacation days 😦  Since it was my first time in Japan I wanted to maximize the places I visited so we decided to go to Osaka, Kyoto and Tokyo.  We had a 8:10 am (or so) flight from Seoul to Tokyo so we literally had to be all packed and ready to go by 5 am. We were running a bit late and missed the first train the airport, so we were quite short on time. But luckily, Asians are so efficient that we got through check-in and customs very quickly and was able to board with 5~10 minutes to spare before take off.   Every time I fly it is usually a long distance flight so this 2 hour flight was pretty enjoyable. Japan Airline is awesome, they even had video games for you to play at your seat including Street Fighter!!! The backside of the TV remote is a video game remote. How cool is that? But as I sucked at Street Fighter, I ended up playing Mahjong.

When we landed in Japan we immediately got our shinkansen (bullet train) tickets to go straight to Osaka which was a near 3 hour train ride. One thing that I would definitely recommend to foreign travellers is to buy a JR Rail Pass before landing in Japan. It’s about $300 CDN for unlimited usage on any JR line which was pretty much all we used to commute with during one week’s time.

On our bullet train ride to Osaka, we finally got to try the famous train bentos! Continue reading