Cabot Trail

We did a bit of hiking in the East Coast, but my most memorable would have to be at Cabot Trail at Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia.  If you are in the area it is one I would definitely recommend – especially Skyline Trail specifically. It is a pretty easy hike only about 7-9km for the full loop with little elevation. And the reward you get at the end is a spectacular cliffside view of the coast from an eagle’s point of view.



As there is a boardwalk available and recommended for tourists, the cliffside is not scary at all for even novice hikers!  We did go a bit off-trail for a closer look at the coast.


The Fellowship

It was an extremely gorgeous view especially near sunset. Alicia and I playfully and mockingly took some really great #couplegoals inspiration photographs (Thanks Thomas for being photographer). Pretty romantic area with the vast coastline, mountainous views, and winding boardwalk along the cliff.


We also bumped into #CedricTheHero (and Calvert) who were travelling the East Coast too.


To top off an altogether great experience we even got to see a moose in the wild! Part of the trail is to walk through a moose zone where they are free to roam within a very large fenced off area. As moose are quite large and strong we were forewarned to give them space and not walk too close to them.

While everyone was backtracking the trail since the moose decided to walk directly on it…I quickly took a selife with it.



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