Clam Digging in PEI

Looking for an authentic PEI adventure? I was too and what I discovered was clam digging!

With Experience PEI, we joined their Beachcomber’s Clam Boil  activity ($85 CAD + HST).  It was a great hands-on excursion.  We were given a pair of gloves, a shovel, a bucket, and the free range of a beach to scavenge for whatever treasures we could find from mussels, to oysters, and to clams!


With the mindset that our seafood boil dinner would consist of only what we could find within the 1-2 hours time constraint, we took to the task extremely eagerly and seriously.


From our activity host and guide Jim, we also learned about oyster farming rules to ensure we do not over-farm. We can only take oysters that were larger in length than the size of our thumb to allow younger oysters to have a longer life span.  This was a bit confusing for me though because my hand was a lot smaller than his.


At the end of the activity we all had our buckets filled even past the brim!


Jim helped clean and boil all the clams and mussels for us and also threw in some additional ones that he normally farms for sale. We cleaned and shucked our own oysters to share.


I was anxious about planning this activity due to the price, but everyone had a good time and especially loved how great the meal tasted. Unanimously the freshest seafood we had eaten given that they were literally just plucked from the beach!




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