CHILL Ice House

Had a girls night out a few weeks ago at CHILL Ice House which was extremely ironic because at the time we were experiencing freezing rain so it was icy everywhere outside. I can only imagine that must have been why they had a sale on Groupon. For $72.00 CAD you could get entrance and a speciality ice shot for 6 people –  only $12 each. Which was a great deal since entrance alone regularly is $20.00 CAD.

CHILL Ice House is also conjoined with Gatsby’s Tale Speakeasy so when you feel too cold and need a break from all the chilliness (it’s about -5 degrees Celsius but you are provided with optional cape and gloves), you can relax at the speakeasy which is very hunting lodge/ cottage style themed and not to mention cozy!

The Ice House section is decorated kind of like a house where it has 2 sitting rooms, an ice hockey table, a beer pong table, and of course the famous ice bar.

Everything was made entirely of ice and it was so well kept at times I wondered if it was glass. I went to an Ice Museum in Korea and their ice was more scratched up and shaved which to me, looked more realistic. CHILL Ice House’s ice sculptures were perfectly smooth and transparent!

What is this science magic ???

Pretty neat and novelty bar to visit for fun. I’m conflicted however on whether it’s nicer to visit in winter where you can see all the ice sculptures due to less customers, or in summer when the coolness of the lounge will be a nice treat.

Chill Ice House Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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