Learnt Curling! I was Vice-Skip!

Unionville Curling Club hosted a free ‘Learn to Curl’ event a few weeks ago and I signed myself right up. Canada’s pretty amazing at curling during Winter Olympics and my favourite Japanese boyband Arashi plays (a non-ice version) it on their game show – so I had to give it a shot. I considered going by myself but luckily some of my friends were also intrigued. We can never say no to things that are free.

I think organisational wise they could have done better, it was advertised as a 2 hour time slot but they made it into 2 different sessions separately. And there were too many people per lane where instead of the regular 4 vs. 4, my lane ended up being 5 vs. 4.  BUT, it seems an hour was just enough.


We had half an hour of a mini lecture and practice of just doing the poses / motion of curling and sweeping (not fairy dusting!). Then we had half hour of game time where we finished 1 game and started about 1/3 of game 2.

The pink gummy things on my shoes are not for fashion, it is for safety on the ice!

I was Vice-Skipper (Alicia was voluntold to be Skipper because she is loud, and I mean Skipper IS the captain) and I pulled through getting my stone the closest to the middle of the target 😀   I see my future in curling calling me.


Our team won 2-0 and I left feeling immensely proud of myself since I’m not usually that great at sports. Enough so that I decided to sign up for their 4 week beginner’s package starting this weekend! Hopefully I’ll be able to curl just as well, and without falling over each time.


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