2 Views of Hopewell Rocks

To see Hopewell Rocks in its full beauty, we planned our trip so we could see it both at low tide and at high tide. Two very different experiences, but I preferred the low tide view more because you could see the landscape in a more panoramic view, and we got to walk around however we wanted!


At low tide I felt we could really see more of the rock formations and I just love seeing what kinds of animals and faces the rock formations look like (like cloud watching)! There are so many formations that look like elephants (there was one in Petra too!) or people faces.



We also got to play around and take silly pictures as we pleased.



High tide was more immersive in comparison, as we kayaked by and sometimes even through the rock formations.


This was a guided activity so we had to follow along with a group and were not able to kayak as fast as we would have liked to. Putting 6 dragon boaters in kayaks with others was probably not a good idea. We constantly went too fast and would hit or cut off people in front of us (sometimes accidentally).



There was also a few of us who liked to splash around noisily…

Check out this cool video montage Thomas made of our kayaking. I stole the seat in front of him in our tandem kayak and thus was featured a lot in the video XD


You can also see said splashing.

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