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St. Martins Sea Caves

Upon researching what there was to do in the east coast, I came across St. Martins Sea Caves (at St. Martins, New Brunswick) which I was wildly excited about. It wasn’t extremely ‘on the way’ but I was able to work it into the itinerary – a perk of being highly involved in the trip planning and logistics!

However, the caves can only be explored during low tide which only happens twice a day! Unluckily for us low tide on that day was around 6am….so we had to wake up at around 5am to make it. Shockingly, everyone except James was willing to do this! Which was awesome πŸ™‚ Β I didn’t get to go inside the caves as I had expected because it was so dark in there, but we had the most amazing sunrise view which made up for everything.


The ground was pretty rocky and still wet which was why we didn’t explore much..


Post sunrise

The previous evening we also saw a gorgeous sunset by the beach.


Sunset view in my opinion even more beautiful than the sunrise!

And a beautiful lavender-esque flower garden. We had an informal photography contest to see who would capture it the best. Here was my submission.


What is this flower called? I saw the name at signs within the parks but have forgotten 😦

Super beautiful views in this small town that I think is well worth the little detour for. Apparently there is a 3rd cave at the beach that I missed too – so be sure to look out for that if you visit.

We stayed at Salmon River B&BΒ  – the village of St. Martins is quite small so there are mostly just B&B’s and not too much to choose from. But this B&B was the only place we stayed at that had more than just continental breakfast!

Be sure to check with the tide tables first as the water level does change drastically and daily!


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