East Coast Trip – Quebec

This summer, I went on my very first REAL road trip with friends – to Eastern Canada!! The last time I visited The Maritimes was probably back around third grade with my parents. I cannot remember anything about it – except for my parents giggling to themselves secretly about a rock at Hopewell Rocks that looked a bit inappropriate. Their defense when I brought it up to them recently, was that the tour guide pointed it out to them first. Embarking on this journey with me were Alicia, Crystal, James, Steve and Thomas. You’ll catch glimpses of them in the blog posts and photos to come 🙂

Our one week trip was meticulously planned out and jam packed with various activities (mostly hikes and must-go-to restaurants); going from Toronto –> Montreal/Quebec City –> New Brunswick –> PEI –> Nova Scotia and then back home. I enjoyed Nova Scotia the most as there was more to do there, and we had the best lobster, but PEI comes a close second with its clam digging (details to come on it all!)

Heading out Friday night, we intended to stay over in Quebec and sight see a bit before crossing to New Brunswick. However, late in the evening we discovered that our booked hotel did not allow late check-ins….As our ETA was definitely past midnight, we changed our plans to a late night snack in Montreal, skip sleeping altogether and start the next morning early in Quebec. Late nights in Montreal always mean poutine at La Banquise!

For Quebec City, we had Montmorency Falls slotted in. As we were so early, there were no entrance guards so we got to go in for free!  Early bird does the worm it seems. We took the easy route of climbing down to the falls as we parked at the top of the route. Thomas volunteered to drive down to meet us so we didn’t have to walk all the way back up again 🙂

After a quick breakfast, we started en route to our real journey to the East Coast – to New Brunswick!

Made everyone jump!

This first day was mainly a lot of driving unfortunately, as we went all the way from Toronto to Montreal to Quebec City to Fredericton and finally ended the night at St. Martins, NB in just 24 hours – to see sunrise at the sea caves (post to come next!)

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