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ATV Adventures

Didn’t get the chance to dune bash in an actual ATV in Dubai, so I sufficed for the next best thing – ATV at home, right here in Ontario. For a 1 hour private tour with ATV Adventure Tours it is regularly $138/person excluding tax , but with the coupon (which I got from Appreciation Events through work)  total per person was $82 after tax. Not bad for the novelty and just about 1.5-2 hours drive to Collingwood from Toronto.


vroom vroom

The instructor presets all the gears and functions for us before we drive so there was nothing to worry about except press on the gas pedal as we drive – we didn’t really ever need to use the brakes as the ATV would stop when you release the gas already. To my surprise, the gas and brake pedals are controlled with hands and not feet, specifically by the base of your thumb. The pedals were quite sensitive and took some time to grasp. I found that I had more difficulty controlling a stable speed on bumpier roads as I had the tendency to tighten or loosen my grip when I flail in my seat.


However, it was not a difficult drive at all. For the most part we drove in a single file line with one instructor leading and one at the rear – and we all kept a safe distance apart as instructed.  None of us had any issues with hitting each other or trees, or falling off.  Only Alicia got her ATV stuck in a mud puddle but that was because she purposely drove into it wanting to make a big splash.

I still have a second coupon to use so I’m hoping to go in the spring when it’s warmer, and that we would be able to drive faster.  It was snowing up there in Collingwood even by mid-October!! Luckily these ATVs had warming handle bars because my hand was in pain from cold until they were switched on.



Hopefully we’ll also be able to get proper GoPro footage next time, the chest strap we brought with us didn’t work angle wise.






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