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Dundas Peak

The only purposely planned hiking excursion that I went to this year locally was to Dundas Peak (while alongside visitng Mac the alma mater). Not quite sure what I was so busy with all summer and fall because I normally love planning excursions!


Even though I semi-lived in Hamilton for a good 4 years during my studies at McMaster, I always went home on the weekends as much as I could, and barely went around town…let alone go hiking. It was my first time at Dundas Peak and I had only seen of it in pictures on social media.  Little did I know the hike to the peak was so short ._.

Or how it was flooded with tourists!


At the top! Gear list for anyone interested – Arcteryx jacket, Black Diamond backpack, Lowa Boots hiking boots, pants are Ivivva (Lululemon’s kids line). Obsessed with them all! Sunglasses – Tom Ford, haha.

I was in full hiking gear because I had just purchased new hiking boots and hiking bag (in preparation for Africa!!), even brought my beloved and handy platypus water bag – and looked extremely out of place as most of the crowd were in casual / fashionable gear. I suppose at least my walk was very comfortable and safe…


The view from the peak is quite nice, but hiking trail wise and especially if you want to be more immersed inside a forest, I probably wouldn’t say this is the best place to go given the crowd. I found Rouge Conservation more tranquil to see the changing leaves – and you supposedly can watch salmon going upstream too. However, there may be better side trails at Dundas Peak that I did not get the opportunity to discover.

The other downside for Dundas Peak is you have to pay for a $10 car entrance fee as well as a $5 fee per passenger.


Great lunch at Bean Bar (no pics) – awesome grilled cheese, calamari and truffle fries. Wide variety of cakes!! We wanted to get one each but was too stuffed.


Mac Dboat at Mac

Apparently from afar at the Student Centre, I looked like a student and the rest of them couldn’t even recognize me.




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