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Halloween at Mayze Games



My friend Stanley of Mayze Games, kindly invited me and some friends to try out their new escape rooms. And I thought what better time to go than Halloween? Considering one of the rooms was a haunted house style theme!

They’ve been open for about 2-3 months and have 2 rooms available. The one we played was “The Truth of Osaka High” where the premise is that some of our fellow students have been dying one by one and we wanted to enter the now abandoned school to investigate the most recent death. 

The room although did not have very in your face creepy props, the whole vibe was extremely creepy given the fact that the rooms not only had flickering light but also very impressive decorations both visual and audio, which added immensely onto our fears. All the subtle details combined really made the rooms feel eerie to be in. It also didn’t help that sometimes we had to split up to be in separate rooms.   Let’s just say it was scary enough that a lot of screaming ensued, and to the point that I slipped and fell on the ground at one point -_-

Although we unfortunately did not escape and used multiple hints from the game master, I do think the room is definitely solvable. We went as a group of 8 and I think that greatly contributed to us getting confused, missing clues thinking another person already found it, and of course group-think.  Most of the puzzles were quite logical (especially in hindsight) and you would have an idea of where to start solving each puzzle you encounter. There was only one puzzle that we didn’t quite understand, and another that had a bit of technical difficulties which stalled us a bit. We did make it into the very last room however!  From reading other reviews, it seems that groups of 4-5 made it out perfectly fine – so it seems to be best to stay around their recommended group number and not max it out like we did.

I’ve been to a few other escape rooms (ESC-It, Escape Games Canada…and one other one that was so bad I have forgotten its name), and while the tech I did find more impressive at Escape Games Canada, Mayze does provide different types of puzzles that required more intuition to determine how to solve the clue. Mayze also provided a unique and different style of puzzle than what I have experienced before – definitely not solely just picking various locks. I think in this sense, they bring a sort of freshness to escape rooms where you can’t play exactly like how you have been accustomed to and requires you to think outside the box.

The integration of the style of each room and the puzzles we solved were tied pretty closely to the escape room’s theme and story plot which was enjoyable (and creepy). All of the props that existed in each room (they definitely had more rooms in succession than other escape rooms that I have been to), belonged in that room realistically and were not forcefully put in for the sake of a puzzle to exist.


Overall, even though we did not escape and most of us were pretty shook, it was agreeably decided that it was still a  suitable match for Halloween weekend! Definitely looking forward  to see what sort of theme their upcoming third room will be.

Remember to use their social media check in discount when you visit!

Thanks for the great evening Mayze!

*disclaimer: This was a sponsored post for my part, however the opinion provided is of my own.






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