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Aerial Yoga

Aerial Yoga, or as my friend Thomas called it – flying yoga.

I gave it my first shot through a Groupon deal at Moon Moo Life in Markham (currently there is still a deal).

I originally visited Moon Moo Life through a Yelp fitness event, but on that day the instructor was injured and the class was postponed until a later time which I unfortunately missed.

But I decided to give it a try on my own regardless. I had been wanting to look for a new exercise/hobby to get into because in summer there is dragonboat, winter there is snowboarding…but what is there to do throughout the rest of the year? I find myself increasingly uninterested in doing cardio, circuit training, lifting, or even those Goodlife classes that I once succumbed to doing with friends. But I felt the need to do some form of exercise other than for looks, but also just to remain healthy.  Over time through various hot yoga deals, I felt that I personally enjoyed yoga more and more – maybe because it’s more passive, maybe because the only weight I need to lift is my own. I also desperately need work on my posture.

Aerial yoga seemed like a good branch off to try something new 🙂

I was lucky enough to rope in my friend Nancy to join me so I would not have to conquer it alone. She was so much better than me because I’m quite inflexible and fear being upside down.


We had a one month unlimited pass so I tried my best to go twice a week! Unfortunately Nancy wasn’t able to as she was frequently busy with work that I only got to get some photos on our first lesson!


This was our most “basic” and starting pose for all other poses – the Butterfly.  Over time I got a bit better at some of the more advanced poses, which I think mostly just takes time for you to be comfortable with being in the air more than anything.

What I liked:

  1. Class size was relatively small usually around 10
  2. The assistant instructor goes around to help those in need (me being one of them in the start)
  3.  They don’t force you to do things you can’t or don’t feel comfortable with and did have a specific class for beginners
  4. Reasonable hours – a few nights after work around 6:30pm and weekend mornings
  5. Quiet class – although the studio offers MANY other types of programs: tae kwon do, dance, art etc…they are never paired together at the same time despite there is physical capacity to run both concurrently.
What I didn’t like :
  1.  They were not very eager to adjust the height of the knots on the ropes. I’m pretty short so most of them were a bit too tall for me. I was able to climb up through other loops to reach the knot for sitting/lying type poses, but to put my leg through the knotted loop while standing on the ground was at times impossible as my toes barely just reached the knot….  Most of the time they insisted that it was the correct height for me and only when you complain more profusely do they reluctantly adjust. I’ve seen this occur a few times for other students too who are not as flexible.
  2.  Questionable on how often the ropes are cleaned/changed …..

Overall however, it was a fun and challenging experience for sure! However at regular membership price I think I do prefer hot yoga.

At The Wonderful World of Circus (another Groupon trial for another post), I was able to do this with my aerial yoga skills!




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