Afternoon Tea at The Emirates Palace

From Dubai, we took a day trip to Abu Dhabi on our own.  Initially we considered buying a day tour but the tours only ran if a given number of people were interested in the same date and it didn’t really pan out for us.  It was only about a 1.5 – 2 hour bus ride anyway.

The weather on this day was absolutely scorching that I literally did not want to do anything at all except to sit in the shade or indoors with A/C.  We visited a few musuems and looked at the foyer of Ferrari World, but the main highlight (other than the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque – more on that to come) was Emirates Palace. From doing a quick search on their website, prices for 1 adult range from $1,000 CAD for the simplest room to $5,000 CAD for a suite (and then $15,000 CAD for the fanciest 3 room suite). Prices are insane, but met true to its name based on its luxurious interior and exterior.

The Emirates Palace is also well known to be a “7 star hotel” unofficially by the media.  Some of the suites are furnished with gold and marble and in the lobby floor, there is an ATM that dispenses GOLD!!!  We weren’t able to see it unfortunately as it was under repairs the day we were there.


The hotel was also featured in Fast & Furious 7 !!!!! Personally, I found the exterior more glamorous than the interior.


If you aren’t a guest of the rooms inside the hotel you are still welcome to enter for the various restaurants and cafes inside. We went to Le Cafe famous for their gold flaked cappuccino, chocolates, and pastries, as well as their camelccino (cappuccino made with camel milk).


Even more expensive than Starbucks, but when in Abu Dhabi right?

2 thoughts on “Afternoon Tea at The Emirates Palace

  1. I think their camelccino (nice name by the way!) is over 50AED but it’s a unique experience for sure.
    Do you know where else they use precious gold flakes? On camel milk gelato at their Emirati Mezlai restaurant… 😉

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