At the Top, Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa, the tallest structure in the world at 829m ousting Toronto’s very own CN Tower (553m) for the title of tallest freestanding structure.

However for us tourists, we can only get up to L124 “At the Top” (452m) or  L148  “At the Top Sky” (555m). Which realistically is still higher CN Tower’s observatory as Burj Khalifa  held the record of highest outdoor observation deck until 2011.

On L124 there are electronic telescopes that allow us to see an augmented reality of the landscape surrounding us in real time too!

I would definitely recommend getting tickets in advance online (plus lining up to enter early) and get a entry time that is before sunset so you can view the sunset from the observation deck, and also the night time skyline post sunset. You’re allowed to stay up there as long as you wish. Spots by the window for sure are hard to sneak into for photos, but there were a few tourists that seemed to be camping waiting for the sunset.  Tickets are discounted after 7pm so check the sunset times and it may work out in your wallet’s favour!


Both views are amazing as the city is extravagantly full of tall skyscrapers, fancy waterways and brightly lit up roads. Personally I found the night skyline view best. Seeing all 3 (day time, sunset, night time) views within 1-2 hours was amazing.
The Dubai Fountain is also visible from the top, so we were able to catch the show from above too!

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