Champagne Brunch

Honestly a brunch like no other! The most expensive meal of my life costing at $180 CAD for non-alcoholic and $214 CAD for alcoholic per person. But definitely well worth it for the experience as it is a must-do activity in Dubai. Brunch on Fridays in particular are most infamous and keyed as ‘Champagne Brunch’ because weekends in UAE (and Middle East?) start after Thursday’s work day – so the drinking starts early by Friday morning!

After much research the venue we chose was Al Qasr at Madinat Jumeirah.

I was not able to take much pictures as it was quite difficult to do so while holding a large plate, but there were 3 large areas as Friday Brunch takes over 3 different hotel restaurant space (2 indoor and 1 outdoor) that had multiple food stations – of raw and seafood, plated appetizers, cooked foods, cooking stations for each cuisine, multiple dessert stations for liquid nitrogen ice cream, chocolate, cakes etc, and of course various alcohol and drink stations. Unlimited coconut drinks ❤


My plates of food:


May not look like much, but I was extremely full. Everything was very gorgeously plated, especially those appetizers that are prepared in advance in individual dishes, and service was impeccable. There were so many chefs working outside (at least 5 International cooking stations outside) in the gruelling heat whom I felt so bad for. Have to admit though the food was not especially amazing, a large chunk of the price definitely goes towards the presentation and the uniqueness of the experience itself.

Quick videos of a few of the sections (there was a lot more than what was filmed – wish I did a better job).


Here’s us dressed up as nicely as we could with our limited wardrobe. So many drinks as there is the welcome (on the house) champagne, waters, and delicious mango juice and coconuts!  We ended up opting for the non-alcoholic option as we had many drinks from all the Ladies’ Nights that we attended during that whole week.




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