Ladies’ Night is Every Night in Dubai

Being a lady is great in Dubai if you enjoy going to the bar for a few drinks after work. You don’t need to worry about cover or paying for your drinks – don’t even need to chat up guys for free drinks either!  A very popular and well known weekly event is Tuesday Ladies’ Night – most bars and clubs partake in this. And they give up to sometimes 3 or 4 drink tickets per person!!!! Why don’t we have this here?

In addition, you are likely to be able to find a Ladies’ Night for every night of the week somewhere within the city. In our case we went to four – Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.  That might sound crazy or very fun to you, but we really spent most of it just sitting and drinking by ourselves as we were extremely tired each evening from a full day of activities. They also became less and less fancy as each day passed as we grew increasingly tired. Although it is called Ladies’ Night, there are still men at each location, just significantly less. On Tuesday, it was a mixed crowd.

SundayMaya Modern Mexican Kitchen & Lounge at Le Royal Meridien Beach Resort & Spa
This was probably the fanciest hotel/resort I’ve ever been to in my life (which isn’t very much or none at all). You could literally spend your whole vacation there as they had multiple outdoor restaurants, bars, pools – probably access to private beach? All very gorgeous. As we had our swimsuits we really wanted to take a dip in their pool bar while we were there, but unfortunately it was closed after we ate. Maya Modern gave I believe 2-3 drink tickets each and you get a discounted food menu for the night too!
MondayiKandy at Shangri-La Hotel
Beautiful and girly (very pink everywhere) rooftop pool terrace that offered 2 drink tickets, had a chocolate fountain, AND unlimited candy!!!!!! How could we not come here?
Tuesday Lock Stock & Barrel at Grand Millennium Hotel
We were very tired after a full day at Wild Wadi Water Park and evening at The Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding that we decided to just go somewhere closeby. Literally across the street from our hotel (Atana Hotel – which doesn’t have its own liquor license) was Grand Millennium – which apparently according to a taxi driver we had it is quite well known. As Tuesday is THE biggest night, we decided to go for the sake of it. The crowd was definitely larger here but is still mostly a bar vibe of people hanging around and drinking in groups of friends. There were no seats or tables left so after a glass of wine we decided to leave. Gave the rest of our drink tickets to a group of girls who received them extremely happily. LSB is very westernized pub theme (I think it’s also a franchise), but they did give us the most drink tickets – I think 3 and they each traded 1:1 for a drink.
Literally we picked this one because it was closeby . It was a jazz underground bar; dingy compared to what we had seen so far (especially compared to Maya Modern and iKandy), likely due to the bar being extremely dimly lit. They had a live performer though which was neat, and also had salsa night right after.  The environment was extremely mellow, so again after 1 drink we left.  Should have taken up learning salsa while I were there though!
Ladies’ Night wasn’t an extremely exciting or highlighting experience for me, but something that shouldn’t be missed just for the sake of free drinks and checking out different venues. If you’re into drinking, bars or clubs, it is definitely great. I think I would have enjoyed it more if I was less tired and maybe if we had went with a larger group of friends.
I would recommend Maya Modern and iKandy if you are looking for a place for Sunday and Monday : )

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