Cruising on The Yellow Boat

I think Alicia and I did UAE proud as we hit up nearly all of the most common tourist attractions in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.  This is proven as we met 3 different locals who seemed satisfied with our itinerary. The only thing we didn’t do was go to a Friday Brunch after party (more on Friday Brunch later).


The Yellow Boats tour was an activity that Alicia found and originally I wasn’t extremely interested in it because I thought it could be a bit boring given that it the tour was for 90 minutes. However, these boats although by appearance look like little rescue boats, the exterior of the boat is pretty strong and so is the engine.

Once we were out of the Dubai Marina, the boat sped up so fast!  Periodically, the driver would also purposely swerve the boat so we would be halfway in the air sideways – which was scary at first but exhilarating once I got used to it. Thank god for life jackets as the ride was pretty bumpy due to the speed.
IMG_7261 (2)
The Burj Al Arab that is designed to look like a sail.
The 90 minute tour brought us around Dubai Marina, the Palm Jumeirah (not allowed to go inside as it is private property) and an upclose view of the Burj Al Arab. The tour guide was exceptionally knowledgeable and charismatic as he explained many of the infrastructure to us, and we also got to stop at landmarks for photos.



Some videos that I attempted to take on a XiaoMi videocam. Excuse the awkward selfie and very long 2nd video (the end is when we reach the Burj Al Arab!!!! skip to there at least).



Fun fact that I learnt on this tour: all the boats/yachts are labelled and coded by their use DP for pleasure/personal, DT for Tourism and DC for Commerial – so if you see anyone having a fancy party but on a DT boat, no need to be jealous, it’s only rental ; )




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