Mars on Earth

Wadi Rum is Earth’s Mars! Even Hollywood thinks Wadi Rum is the closest to what we believe Mars would look like as the film “The Martian”, was filmed with it as their backdrop. Apparently so was the last Transformers movie, except I don’t really recall.

 We travelled through the desert on the back of a pick up truck, not the safest way to travel admittedly, but pretty common in the area. What was added on to the truck for tourists was some cushioned benches and an optional cloth to cover the open roof. No seat belts of course.

Taking photos and videos while in the car was a bit worrisome however due to the bumpy ride. When I wasn’t using my phone I actually held on tightly to the pole that supported to the bench/car/roof rack.
Periodically we would get off the car for photos at points of interest.
One tip for you guys – don’t take off your shoes and walk on the sand barefoot. Alicia and I wore sandals and our tour guide earnestly thought it would be easier to walk barefoot than in sandals as sand would get inside and what not. We listened. BAD IDEA.  The sand was extremely hot and it literally felt like if I didn’t take a break and dig my feet further in the sand where it is cooler every few steps, that I would get a real burn.   We were quite displeased with our choice but also far too lazy to backtrack for shoes. We were past the point of return, haha.
We asked our tour guide for our usual jumping photo together which he didn’t get, but somehow he took this really nice shot on his own accord.
Afterwards, we had a cultural lunch with a local family for a home-cooked meal. However, I’m quite sure this family frequently hosts such lunches for tourists because we bumped into another tourist with a guide there (and can you believe it, the meal cost us $20+ CAD!!). Have to admit, it was one of the better tasting things I ate during this trip, but was just ridiculous for what it was factually; as we were just eating in someone’s living room floor and there was lots of flies (I hate all bugs).


Wadi Rum was the final attraction of my trip to Jordan and I highly recommend going to visit. It’s a very safe country and I did not have any issues whatsoever or felt unsafe at any time. Tourism is extremely low right now and it’s a perfect time to see everything with low volume of other tourists (and of course in case the political situation does worsen).
Additional tip: You can use USD mostly everywhere and they seem to treat it 1:1 to JOD which is a very good deal…considering for us to exchange CAD to JOD, JOD was worth more than USD : ‘(   How the currency is worth so much, I still don’t understand.
Next up on the blog will be my travels in UAE!

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