Christmas in The Golden State

When in San Francisco, you have to give some love to the Warriors right? It just so happened that the Golden State Warriors vs. Cleveland Cavaliers game was playing in Oakland on Christmas Day, so we decided to get tickets to watch it. I mean, it was their first re-match in the season since last year’s NBA finals! Now, I’m not a huge basketball fan whatsoever (this is the 3rd game I’ve gone to, read about my awesome 2nd time experience sitting courtside) and only watch when it’s a social thing during Raptors playoffs season and finals…however, I agreed to paying the extremely pricey ticket because Matt was already going on the whole trip for me, so figured we should do something that’s more for him.

We supported opposing teams, and I, of course, was on the winning team!!!! #katsucurry To note, these were the teams we rooted for at the last finals too..which I also won, by the way 🙂  I had to shush Matt when he kept cheering for the Cavaliers because obviously primarily everyone in the crowd was a Warriors fan as it is a home game. JUST in case there were some bigoted fans that would start an argument over choice of teams :/

To the left of the guy in the Santa hat.

Drake was also at the game! #The6ix

For dinner, I had pre-booked a reservation at The Crab House at Pier 39 via OpenTable. We think a large herd of tourists were ushered there because there were so many Asian tourists specifically at that restaurant. I was quite worried that we would have to wait beyond our reserved time due to the large crowd in front, but they were very timely and we were seated almost exactly as scheduled.

The meal was pleasant – menu was quite similar to the likes of The Keg. We ordered less than we anticipated so were quite pleased with our not-too expensive bill. We are both very frugal at times…. especially when it is just us 2. We started with the Bruschetta and a Crab Chowder Bread Bowl, and then shared the Mussel, Shrimp & Crab Iron Skillet combo.

I’m wearing a bib that they provided by the way, which Matt refused to wear until we started eating so it wouldn’t be in his photos.

Our last full day was on Boxing Day, which apparently is a thing in US too. Sales were good, but the Canadian Dollar was poor. I impulsively bought several Lululemon pants which after conversion on my credit card, I’m not too sure if I even got a discount…

We had our last meal at our favourite place BonChon, in San Mateo. This was our 3rd time eating it…we always forget to take pictures previously because we always got take out and dived right into it.   Amusingly enough Bea & Leander bumped into us there where they were going to grab take out home too, haha.  That’s how much we love it.

The evening was spent again at Bea and Leander’s where we played board games until about 4am when they drove us to the airport for our early morning flight. Worked out perfectly for all of us 🙂 They are major night owls and probably were less tired than we were!  Side note: Don’t fly American Airlines/Delta Air…we had delays for both of our flights home, one being for over an hour long. If our connecting flight wasn’t also pushed/delayed we would’ve missed it. And there’s also no food!

All in all, it was a great week to spend some time away from the city and to see Bea again. I have a bunch of other close girlfriends in Toronto, but no one exactly like her. It was sometimes shocking (since it has been a while) yet extremely lovely and nostalgic when we have the exact same opinion on very silly simple things or have the same reaction. At those times, I remember instantly exactly why we are such good friends. It’s a bit bittersweet at the same time knowing that we can’t hang out as frequent as we used to. We’ll have to come back again, or vacation together at another place 🙂 !! My only regret is not taking more pictures together!

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