San Francisco

I had looked up a few tourist spots to hit up while in San Francisco which Matt and I went around to do on our own. We booked a few days at the San Francisco Downtown Hostel to save on money as it was even cheaper than Airbnb and in a much better location in the city core.

One of the most picturesque things we did was a mini hike to Lands End where you can get a nice view of the Golden Gate Bridge.
I thought it was chilly, and I definitely did NOT look like a Canadian there as I was all wrapped up in a scarf and headband. But I was ready for the photographs 😉

We also had a mini photoshoot of ourselves..

While exiting Lands End’s hike paths we somehow ended up in the middle of a golf course :S Still not quite sure if this is a public one or private..


Because I know Matt likes science, we went to both California Academy of Sciences and Exploratorium (we liked the latter more). It had a lot of hands on activities and stations, and must say it is better than Ontario Science Center. Matt tried to teach me physics…and as we spent time at almost every single station, we only made it through 2/5 “areas” before I got tired and hungry. All I’ve learnt is that there are magnets in motors (who knew? not me) and why sunsets are yellow.

Food wise, we visited Japantown which was not bad (great udon at Udon Mugizo restaurant! and they have quite legit crepe stores just like Harajuku!). Our other favourite place to eat was Super Duper Burgers. You HAVE to get their garlic fries, it is the BOMB!!!

The Ferry Building another must see attraction, was also very nice, we purchased the famous Blue Bottle Coffee and some cheese from Cowgirl Creamery, as we were frequently having wine & cheese at Bea’s place throughout the week. They did have their market going on the same day, but as it was raining, and outdoors, we skipped it.

Our evenings were mostly spent at Bea and Leander’s playing board games, doing “wine & cheese” and watching movies. It was very nostalgic to simply hang out with them so casually especially when back in the day Bea was someone I used to see probably every week!  There isn’t too much tourist attractions to do in San Francisco so one week was just about right.

Next post will be the wrap up of our San Francisco trip on our Christmas Day spent watching the Warriors vs. Cavaliers game in Oakland!

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