We had scheduled for a 2 day, 1 night trip at Yosemite right before holiday time officially kicks in and before prices go crazy. We opted for the cheapest option – a heated tent at Camp Curry. Everyone I told was in shock that we would cheap out so much to live in a tent.  But surprisingly and to our delight, it wasn’t that bad at all if you just plan to simply sleep in it. It’s a mini cabin size but has tent-like tarp walls instead of log cabin.

Originally we had intended to borrow a ZipCar which Matt signed up for shortly before we flew out to SF, however his account still had not validated in time for us to use. Thankfully, SF being most technologically advanced, they had an app made for borrowing cars! Getaround would allow you to search for cars (make, year, location parked, price) and once chosen with a start time, the app would allow you to unlock the car via WiFi, to enter the car and grab the physical keys!! How amazing is that?


Unfortunately this car did not come with a navigation system as expected so we navigated our way the old-school way, with a physical map. I’m horrible with directions but luckily for us the way to Yosemite wasn’t too difficult to guide out. Though we did get lost a few times from missing our exit (one time being because I fell asleep and Matt didn’t want to wake me up yet).  However, the weather was not on our side for this trip. Bea always tells me how it never rains in SF and how they are in a drought…and the ONE day we go on a road trip, it rains all day. Our 5-6 hour drive ended up being around an 8 hour drive and we arrived quite late in the evening. We were so happy when we first saw the welcoming Yosemite sign :’)

The glorious Yosemite National Park sign we were waiting for all day and night.

For a note, if you ever go to Yosemite in the winter, apparently tire tracks are a thing, and they may be required if there is snow. Although its quite temperate in the Bay area, it’s chilly up in Yosemite! It wasn’t cold enough that we needed the tracks, but snow was visible in the valley of Yosemite. Which makes total sense considering people ski up there too.


With the snow and rainy weather that was unexpected, we didn’t really have the gear, nor the time to do any hikes – we initially wanted to do a day hike on both days.  It rained the whole night as well, so the next morning we decided to just do a driving tour of Yosemite Valley and did a very small 20 minute hike to Lower Yosemite Falls – just to have met some landmark.  I would also like to note that Arcteryx jackets are my new love, not only did it work amazingly in my Peru trip, it worked extremely well for the rain in SF. I have the Beta LT worn if anyone is curious..

We also saw a reindeer on the way out of Yosemite. Such in the Christmas theme!

Driving back to SF was progressively sunny though!

View is like one of those Windows screensaver / backgrounds

We stayed the night at Bea and Leander’s and got to try Crawfish Fusion (similar to Boiling Crab in Las Vegas, and Captain’s Boil in Toronto!) and played a bunch of board games. We got them Quantum for Christmas and everyone loves it. Though be cautioned that it can ruin relationships….

Garlic Butter was our favourite flavour and clams! Crawfish is decidedly too difficult to de-shell.

I’d definitely like to go back to Yosemite again sometime to do some actual hiking! And take better photos of course.

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