San Mateo

I’ve slated my trip to San Francisco for probably a good year ever since my best friend Beatrice moved there semi-permanently for work. At my previous employment, I had mandatory vacation holidays to be taken around Christmas for 2 week office closure so that ended up being the most optimal time for me to go, despite high holiday prices. I had been planning to go alone at first but luckily, Matt ended up joining me on the trip 🙂

Bea and her boyfriend Leander live in the San Mateo area so we had spent our first 2 days living at their apartment and checking out their area.

Our first meal was off to a great and impressive start at Pokeatery which was very ” So Cal”. I feel like this would be a huge hit in Toronto especially in the financial district. It’s also extremely easy to prepare as it’s basically a salad…however seafood prices are high for importing. Any takers on trying to make this into a business?


As I loved all things Japan-related we also tried to visit the Japanese Tea Garden but unfortunately it was closed. Matt and I ventured there the next morning though. The garden isn’t that exciting but it reminds me of my memories of visiting gardens in Japan ❤

Dinner on our first night was a bit awkward as we sort of crashed Bea and Leander’s friend’s surprise birthday. We wanted to cheap out and get fried chicken from BonChon (their fav and we also love it now) afterwards so we literally shared 2 appetizers amongst the 4 of us, but everyone else seemed to have split the entire bill completely evenly by all. It ended up being $50 USD each while our 2 appetizers didn’t even add up to $50 in total. Luckily, Leander stepped up for all of us to dispute the charge, and we were able to pay $50 for Matt and myself – which was acceptable as we did partake in some of the shared appetizers and wine (ordered for the table by someone else)


Later in the evening, they brought us to Twin Peaks to see the SF skyline too. Great view, but didn’t turn out well in photos due to the night sky. In addition, as it was much colder than expected, I couldn’t bear to stand outside for very long.


The next morning, Matt and I explored on our own as everyone else was still sleeping and went to Ike’s Place (highly recommended by Leander) and back to the Tea Garden. In the afternoon we toured around Stanford and headed to Testarossa Winery for wine tasting tour! Their friend Wayne had a friend who was working there and was able to get us into their more VIP tours. We were able to get 2 bottles of Chardonnay for about $40USD (with employee pricing) and it waived our tasting fee as well.


I was so excited to go home and drink it, but I ended up being tipsy from the wine tasting and I passed out after dinner very quickly. I believe Matt drank most of it as he had a new found love for Chardonnay.

We both try to appreciate wine & cheese now, which is also why if you hang out with us you’ll notice our frequent suggestions of socials and get-togethers to being “wine & cheese” themed.

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