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Jumping Through Peru – Inca Trail Pt. 3

Day 3 of the hike was relatively supposed to be the easiest, as it would be a steady decline, but it would be for the longest length at 16km.  This day we actually had a lunch break in the middle of the hike as the total hike would’ve taken too long. I thought it would only get easier since we had already completed 2 days, and my legs weren’t even sore! However, slowly but surely my feet itself started to hurt from each step’s pressure on the rocky ground floor.

Before going on the hike Alicia had attempted, and successfully, scared me on how her co-worker’s friend got their big toes all numbed from the hike it had to be amputated off.  I was VERY worried about it especially when my toe started to feel a little weird!!!! No lie, parts of it were slightly more numb (or rather it had less sensory feeling) than the rest of my toe, or other toes for a couple WEEKS after the trip even! #thankyoutoes
She also tries to scare me every time the plane take offs and lands 😥
The day felt like hours on end of walking mostly because we don’t know where or when the finish line would be. The one eventful thing that happened was we all had to walk through a little cave where our tour guide, Javier, hid in a dark corner to scare each person (mostly girls) as they walked through. I was arriving to the cave just shortly after Karen entered it, so I heard her scream and seeing its a cave….it was a bit no brainer that someone was definitely hiding in there. So the prank didn’t’ work on me 🙂


Day 3 was also going to the our last night of camping. As a celebratory surprise, the chefs baked for us a whole cake! They basically are so much more competent at the hike they had time to spare to prep, bake and decorate a whole cake before we arrive, *sigh*.


There were many memorable moments throughout the trip and mainly at the camp-site that I can’t help but want to share and be nostalgic about. Fore-warning….as I type I realize, they are mostly poop related. Not for the faint-hearted.
1) The Lava Story: 
Alicia and I quickly befriended our fellow Torontonians Derek & Corrine as we were well, easily the youngest and from Toronto (and Asian!). At dinner we were talking about the Lava short that aired in the theatres with the movie Inside Out, and how Corrine loves it. As Alicia didn’t see the movie or short, we were explaining to her the plot. As we reached the ending of the story where the volcano erupts, Alicia says “gotta go” and darts away. Alicia had a lot of washroom issues throughout the hike, so we could ONLY imagine what she left for. To make matters worse, she forgot where the washroom was and had to come back asking for directions, Javier saw her gather leaves, and our other tour guide Yenrri lost his appetite after hearing that she didn’t make it to the physical bathrooms. Only she and God will know where those landmines were dropped.
2) More Cake
Usually after dinner, and after our hot waters 😉 the 4 of us would kind of chat outside the food tent before going back to our own. The topic of course was on poop (namely Alicia’s). Javier, who was also young would walk up and talk to us, and the topic didn’t seem to go very well with him and he would awkwardly laugh with us and step back & away. In about a minute or so, he would return to the conversation only to realize the topic has been unchanged 🙂 and repeat.
3) A Manly Dump
I have no shame in admitting that at times, especially at night I am far too lazy to walk to the dirty/dark/smelly porta-potty or bathroom at site and would simply just go (pee only, okay) in the bushes.. Alicia on the other hand, had a midnight dump one night by our washroom spot which was a large tree a bit beside our group of tents.  Unfortunately said spot was near our group mate, Mark’s tent…and said tree was also HIS peeing spot.   I sat with him on the train ride back to town after Machu Picchu and he was telling me a story on how he woke up and was so upset when he nearly stepped on a pile of poo while trying to take his morning piss. He was saying how he can’t believe some guy would do that! Key point he thought it HAD to be a male.   I was thinking to myself that this sounds SO familiar….and it clicked to me that it was Alicia’s -_-  He was in shock because he said the poo just looked like it had to be a man’s, whatever that means! We laughed.
4) Anis Tea
This was our tour guide, Javier’s favourite tea. Just read the name and that is all.
5) Coca Leaf Dealer 
Even in Cusco our group mate Chris was extremely affected by the altitude. One morning at our hotel we noticed that there were a lot of tea bags available on our tables and we suggested to Mark that we should take some bags for ourselves on the hike, and also for Chris especially. He agrees that it is a good idea and proceeds to take more and more of the tea at our table, and then even to all the other tables. There were no more bags for anyone else. It was very entertaining as this is a 40 year old man, who is jokingly yet very seriously taking all the tea bags with no shame.

There were so so many great memories where if I had to write about them all, it would be an essay, but these were some of the most memorable. Next post will be the finale of my Peru journey, what we’ve all been walking for – Machu Picchu!


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