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Hotline Fring’s

Apparently Drake is our hometown hero, did you know that? While watching the Golden State Warriors vs. Cleveland Cavaliers game in Oakland on Christmas Day last year, the guy beside me who was from Vancouver said to me after finding out Matt and I were from Toronto, “Your hometown hero is here.” Took me a few miliseconds to realize he meant Drake….cause I mean, no one would call Justin Bieber our hero I assume. Plus, Drake is well known to show up to basketball games with his love for popular players like Stephen Curry and Lebron James.


That’s Drake right there to the left of the guy in the Santa hat (our neighbour saw it on Snapchat) and amazingly in our far seats, Matt’s camera was able to zoom in enough. #drizzydrake

Anyway, to the main point of this post, after a 2 month reservation wait (booked on OpenTable) Matt and I got our turn to visit Drake x Susur Lee’s restaurant Fring’s a couple weeks ago.

As we are kind of poor after our San Fran trip in December,  and I felt bad for dragging Matt along with me, I decided to just order lightly. I think as Matt still wanted it to be a rather nice dinner 🙂 that he still suggested us to order and share a few things.


We started off with the Avocado Toast which was our favourite dish. Matt still talks about how good it is, and that’s saying something. Next we had the Grilled Octopus (made up for me not getting it previously at Bar Isabel, though I think the dish itself looked nicer there). And lastly we shared their pasta special of the day, Seafood Pappardelle. I quite liked the texture of the pasta, but they had sand in their clams which is a big no-no.

Service was good in the start where the waiters will explain the specials and also the dishes ordered as they arrive in detail. However we did not always get waited on by the same staff which was sort of strange.

Major complaint of the night however was when we declined on dessert and the waiter pushed us to “look at the menu and reconsider” as we would be missing out, and promptly left. He did not come back until I waved him down, declined dessert and asked for the bill. Which he then rudely and hastily just says okay and grabs the menus away.  This is annoying because although we were probably a bit stingy and didn’t want to spend more money, we genuinely weren’t very interested in their overpriced desserts.  The waiter completely disregards the fact that maybe we don’t like dessert, or can be allergic to some of the items on the menu??? Regardless of the reason to decline anything it was no way to treat a customer by any means.

All in all, the food is decent and acceptable even for its expensive price (it was not bad at all). But I don’t think I’d go again because it was not particularly exceptional. I was also a bit annoyed that they purposely left many tables empty while online they are “fully booked”. There were many tables around us that were empty for the whole 2 hours that we were dining there, and you could tell they purposely tried to space people out as everyone was tables apart (we entered right when the restaurant opened for dinner at  5:30pm).


One thought on “Hotline Fring’s

  1. Paulina says:

    Hi there! I enjoyed reading about your restaurant experience, although I’m sorry the service was not better. I was hoping to ask you a question about your blog post, would you mind emailing me at the address I provided? Thank you so much!

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