I think I could be a Raptors fan.. If I always had courtside seats! I had the lucky and probably once in a lifetime opportunity to attend last Thursday’s Toronto Raptors vs. San Antonio Spurs game through work. Our CEO has a few seats reserved off for him and when he doesn’t attend the games, sometimes the employees get to receive them. Of course the more exciting match ups and Drake Nights go to the managers and what not, but hey, I’m not complaining over anything that is free.

I always feel so bad when I get offered tickets because I’ll immediately ask Matt if he’d want to go with me (only to realize that it’s not a ticket for me AND a plus one, sorry Matt..).  Not that I get offered often, it has only been twice and the first one was for a Leafs game that I didn’t end up being able to go to as tickets were already promised to another person. So this Raptors game was a good make up! Especially since I watch hockey even less than basketball.

Our seats were in the 2nd row of the courtside right beside the TV announcers, and luckily enough we were just diagonally behind the Raptors bench!!! Tickets for this match in particular for my seat was a whopping $1,875 each! We were also right beside one of the coaches who was always screaming out plays (which I’m sure no one but us could hear).

I spent most of the beginning of the game trying to take a good picture to Instagram of course and missed a lot of plays and shots : ‘)  Watching up close definitely felt different. I’m no sure why but somehow in person it felt less grand than it does on TV…maybe because we are so close it felt more personal of an event.  It made me feel like in the older times watching gladiator battles in The Colosseum. In a sense it still is similar, people paying to watch other people do an activity/ entertainment..just no deaths involved.

Eventually the star-struckness would stop and I could finally pay attention to the game itself. I don’t watch games that often, only watched mostly the Raptors in the playoffs and the final matches of Golden State vs. Cavaliers last season with friends. Watching live, and maybe so up close made the game seem a lot shorter and faster than it does on TV.

What impressed me is how fast all the workers are on the floor. Right when there is a break or what not, all the cleaners are out there to clean the floor, security guards straight away are there, the Raptors crew people are out hyping the crowd (how did Flag Guy get his job?).

Final score as 97-94 for Raptors! It was increasingly close towards the end and I’m very glad we won! It was definitely very enjoyable and an awesome experience. Some of my friends told me they saw me on TV…hope I didn’t look fat, haha. I did manage to catch myself on the jumbotron at one point of the game (during the team debrief which was occuring right in front of us)

Matt and I are going to watch the Golden State vs. Cavaliers on Christmas Day this year as we’ll be going to San Francisco. I don’t know how I can cope with regular seats again ….  : ‘(

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