That’s my new single coming this fall. This is our album cover.

Long weekends are meant for adventures and unfortunately I couldn’t partake on another YOLO trip for this one. However, I finally had the chance to visit Cheltenham Badlands. I didn’t know we had a place like this in Ontario (and so close by to Toronto too!) until last year when my friend Michelle went and I looked it up.  Ever since then, I have been wanting to go.

As the weather has finally started to warm up, hiking season returns.  I think with age, hiking grows on you :’)

This mini trek consisted of myself, Nancy, James and Derek.  I knew Derek would be perfect for this excursion because he knows so much about everything, especially biology haha. So I would not only get to see the landscape and take awesome photos, I could actually learn and understand what it really is.

Things I’ve learned about badlands:

1) It is due to poor farming practices

2) Soil erosion caused the formation

3) The red colour is from iron oxide

4) The green bits are green iron oxide because it got affected by some ground water (??)

I shamelessly used my selfie stick to take pictures. It surprisingly is quite useful at taking regular non-selfie pictures too! Because it has further reach and makes sure your phone is straight and stable.


It would have been much nicer with less people around, but I suppose it was to be expected since it was a holiday. Apparently (says Derek) in a decade or so, the view will change as the erosion continues. Will have to come back again in a couple years (if not earlier) to see how it turns out!

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