Zomato One Month Meet Up

Zomato Toronto launched at the end of October and I had to opportunity to attend one of their meetups in December which was in celebration of their one month launch. Zomato hosts several small group setting meetups for their blogger users to get to know Zomato and their fellow foodies better. I was quite excited to be able to attend since I don’t usually get invited to any, and in the past it was very inconvenient for me to attend anything downtown since I worked in Mississauga (near Oakville far). But I had recently just switched jobs and am in financial district now!

Honestly, I thought this was going to be a larger scale event since I was told it was in celebration of their launch…so I asked to bring a plus one in case it was very awkward / boring. But turned out it was small scale, nobody else brought a plus one, and everyone invited that night was female.. (Oops, sorry Isaac…though honestly you should be thanking me, getting to be surrounded by like 7 girls).

The event was hosted at The Beverley who volunteered their venue up to Zomato. Nothing about the menu was disclosed until we arrived, and I was pretty impressed that we would be getting a full 4 course meal and a mojito (for free too). The Beverly was given free reign on choosing the menu and their final selection was of their best dishes which they want to showcase.

2014-12-09 08.06.29
First course – Lovell Springs Trout with puffed rice, cucumber, fennel, smoked grapes, pickled mustard seed
2014-12-09 08.07.24
Second course – Confit Pheasant Leg with pickled mushroom, strawberry gastrique, green icicle radish
2014-12-09 08.08.32
Third course – Wagyu Blade Steak with beet & truffle tortellini, horseradish potato, red wine jus
2014-12-09 08.09.22
Fourth course – Spiced Apple Cake with dark beer caramel, granola, vanilla ice cream

Both the chefs Jonny OC  (his instagram is spot on) and Binh An Nguyen came out to explain the dishes as each one arrived, they also prepared a vegetarian option as well! The staff were very kind and at times turned the lights brighter to assist in the photography, haha. My favourite (and also most people’s) was the Wagyu Blade Steak. It was most interesting out of the 4 since it came with a horseradish potato mash, truffle tortellini and my favourite from watching way too much Master Chef – purple cauliflower.

I’m definitely looking forward to trying out more restaurants now that I am downtown. Since my 2 weeks of working downtown, I have only gone to Blowfish and random joints within the PATH. Let me know if you have suggestions, I don’t follow any food blogs anymore : /

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One thought on “Zomato One Month Meet Up

  1. Hello,

    I’m contacting you from the Wilcox Gastropub located in Mississauga. We just opened and plan on holding a week-long event where we bring in toronto bloggers to try our food at a discount. Let me know if you’re interested.


    The Wilcox

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