My Bougie Birthday Brunch Buffet

Adrienne brought me out to Colette Grand Cafe for a brunch buffet in celebration for my 24th birthday.  Colette is a french cuisine restaurant and bakery which just started offering brunch on Sundays as of September 2014.  The pictures of the interior as well as the food on their website got me sold even though the brunch does come at a hefty price of $50 per adult. And it really is quite beautiful in person too!

There isn’t a tremendous variety of food, but everything offered was definitely a must have unlike regular buffets where I skip many of the dishes.  There is a grand seafood section, a charcuterie and cheese section, hot foods section, and of course fruits and dessert section.  We had 3 rounds of food in order to sample everything. My personal favourites were the smoked salmon, charcuterie/cheese, cheesecake and apple rice pudding. I think the desserts do change depending when you go however because some of the cakes had changed during our meal.
I really enjoyed brunch there, the location and ambiance was lovely, and it is worth the indulgence once in a while : )


Bonus pictures of majorly beautified selfies of us. #photowondermagic
Thanks Adrienne : ‘)  you know the way into my fat bougie heart.



Colette Grand Cafe on Urbanspoon

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