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I went to BATL.

I wanted to have my birthday at BATL (Backyard Axe Throwing League) this year. I even had a great name thought out for my event – Whitney’s Birthday BATL.ย  Not very creative, but it sounded badass in my mind, okay? However, Jeremy (though to no fault of his own lol, still love you bro.) stole my thunder and had his birthday there before me!!!

One main reason as to why I wanted to have my birthday at BATL is that you can have an event for up to 40 people. So nobody gets left out! And it’s also great practice for if you are like me, obsessed with The Walking Dead and feel the need to be prepared for any zombie apocalypse that may come.

BATL runs in a tournament style. We had 4 boards that would allow 2 games to be played simultaneously. After a bit of training and practice, everyone was put into a round robin style match up. We each had 3 games, and each game consisted of 3 rounds – each round you get 5 shots. If you win 2/3 of the rounds, you win the game!

I was horrible at axe throwing and I blame it completely on my physical stature and that the employees didn’t know how to properly help me improve. It took advice from 3 different employees combined that I was able to properly hit the target on the board. I was standing too close, didn’t have my arm all the way back, and also didn’t throw with enough momentum (to make up for my lack of strength I assume). Thankfully towards the end, I was able to get it and I think I even hit the bulls eye once!

Unfortunately some boards were much easier to sink the axe in than others so the competition wasn’t really fair. And at the final match ups to see who would move on to quarter-finals I lost 1-2 because I was starting off at the board that was more difficult ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

Overall it was a very fun experience, when else do you get to throw an axe and have a competition out of it? I think the price sounds steep at first at $40, but you do get to participate much more than I expected. If there is a tie breaker, you also get to throw a giant axe!! I did not have such an opportunity.

The sad thing was however, I injured my thumb somehow from this. I think my grip was in an unnatural position, and because I am double jointed I somehow overstretched my thumb. It was very creepy because I couldn’t hold things with my left hand properly for about 2 days – healed now though! Though if my thumb ever feels stiff or weird, I blame it on BATL.

If you want to go to BATL remember to make reservations fast! The prime times are usually booked up months in advance.


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