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Dragonboat Season 2014

Dragon boat season has finally come to an end. And we definitely ended it in a bang winning our 4th medal for the year and finally a Gold one!  In honesty, I feel the season never truly ends since land practice will begin again in late October – which is only about 1 month away.  Let’s cherish those Sunday mornings of sleeping in while we can.

This year started off kinda iffy for me because many of my friends on the team from last year dropped out for one reason or another and a lot of the new recruits had never paddled before.  But this had given me the opportunity to get to know other continuing team mates better, and also meet a bunch of new friends! I’m really glad how everything turned out (although still hoping past members will return!) because I made a lot of new close friends this year 🙂    #TEAMVAN aka #teamwhitney
We had 3 races this year, Pickering Dragon Boat Club Festival in May, Toronto International Dragon Boat Festival in June, and GWN Dragon Boat Challenge in September. Although we struggled during the year with a less experienced (and less buff) team we managed to pull through each race to place and win medals. And our time improved from last year too. I can’t remember all our race times, but our last race at GWN, our final and best race time was a flat 2:24. I’m realistically aiming for a 2:20 next year :3
Although I hate land practice, homework work-outs *coughShanecough* and the early mornings – I still love the sport and am definitely continuing with the team next year ❤ I even got my own paddle this year!!!
Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

#sunsoutgunsout as always.

Let’s go for gold next year too Paddle Bears! #wefight

One thought on “Dragonboat Season 2014

  1. Tiffani says:

    Hi Whitney, I found your post through the dragonboat tag and it’s awesome to find another paddler! I actually stopped paddling, but maybe again in the future. Congrats on your race!

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