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The Priest of Burgers.

How long has The Burger’s Priest been in Toronto for?  I honestly do not know. All I know is, it had been far too long for me to have not eaten one of their burgers at least once. Every time I go downtown to eat it is usually for something for more “fancy” so I never had the chance to try out this burger joint which arguably (by some), serves the best burgers in Toronto.  As I’m not one that enjoys too much meat in my burger, I opted for “The Priest” which is their Cheeseburger + The Option.   There isn’t much burger choices in their regular menu so be sure to check out their secret menu before going.

No matter what kind of burger you choose, you must definitely get/add on The Option. It is 2 portobello mushroom caps with lots of cheese stuffed in between, and then deep fried altogether. Cheesy AND deep fried can only mean deliciousness!!   The chilli cheese fries on the other hand were underwhelming – so you can pass on that.   The Burger’s Priest does not come close in comparison to burgers I have eaten at Shake Shack in NYC or Mos Burger in Japan where their patties and buns are much better in quality. But compared to the only “gourmet” burger I’ve had in Toronto at Holy Chuck, I did like it more – potentially because I loved The Option though.

Reminder to you all , they take cash only!

The Burger's Priest on Urbanspoon


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