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Christmastime in Toronto

Toronto is unfortunately not one of the most beautiful cities in the world during Christmastime, but we do get a little bit of Christmas festivity from the Toronto Christmas Market which is held at the Historical Distillery District each year from late November to mid-December. It’s pretty neat since the whole section is especially full of Christmas spirit from all the decorations and lights, and of course music.

A Christmas Market is basically a street market with vendors selling various handmade goods and of course, food and drinks. Most of the food vendors sold German food such as schnitzels and sausages, likely because Christmas Markets originate from Germany.  Other popular vendors were ones that sold hot (alcoholic) drinks and chocolate.  Because we went on one of the coldest days in December ( about at least -15 degrees Celsius without windchill?), I don’t think we were able to enjoy the market as much as we could’ve on a day less cold. But of course we did take obligatory pictures beneath the huge Christmas tree. Please note the artistically placed in clock.

As the cold started to become unbearable, we warmed ourselves up with some hot drinks. I got spiked (with apple brandy) apple cider 🙂  Mulled wine was a really popular choice, but too expensive for me at $14!

There was a Santa that was available for pictures and he was making the most hilarious poses – such as, as he called it, a Sears catalogue pose. However I spent too much time debating whether I should pull my camera out or not that he walked away as I got my camera ready : (   Although my visit was short, the market really did get me excited for Christmas!!  Hope you all have a happy holiday : ) !


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