Tokyo 2013, Day 2 & 3 – Shibuya and TGC A/W 2013

Prior to going to Japan, I had discovered that the A/W 2013 Tokyo Girls Collection would be held while we were in Tokyo!! I was very excited because TGC is one of the largest fashion event in Tokyo especially in the “trendy” fashion scene. We weren’t able to purchase tickets online without a Japanese address, but there was a chance we would be able to get it at the airport. Because we weren’t sure if we would be even able to attend, we did not bring any clothes suitable to wear at one  – no ultra fancy clothes, and definitely no heels.  We did get tickets in the end and that meant we had to buy everything!!!! TGC is a big event and we wanted to look fashionable : 3  I did bring a clutch though luckily.

What better place to get our outfit for the show than the famous “gyaru” mall Shibuya 109? It has always been a dream of mine to shop there; all the major Japanese “gyaru” brands are located there it is like THE place to go to for trendy clothes such as the ones you see on ViVi magazine.  We were very excited to shop at Emoda cause we wanted to look “mode” style like famous Malaysian fashion blogger Cheesie. However we were unable to find anything we really liked in the store. I ended up purchasing my outfit at a store called Barak which I wasn’t familiar with brand wise, but I really liked the style and the sales associate helping me was SO nice. She helped me produce an outfit, gave suggestions, offered different products to match what I preferred – just overall what the stereotypical high service Japan has.

For dinner we went to Shinjuku again because I was determined to eat at an authentic izakaya and my friend that went to Japan a couple weeks before me said Shinjuku had good ones. Unfortunately, all of the authentic izakayas being tiny in size were all full and had no room for us (and probably due to our lack of Japanese proficiency). We ended up at a more expensive izakaya whose menu had no English -_-…they tried to use Mandarin to explain the menu to us, but we weren’t that proficient in that either. So we only ordered 2 sashimi dishes, which was pretty good and decided to just eat snacks from 7-11 after (and in Adrienne’s case a Mos Burger).

The next day we got up pretty early since we had to get ready (read: get dolled up) and commute to Saitama for the Tokyo Girls Collection show. The show ended up being more than just a fashion show as it had singer performances, many MC talks, and even commercials. It was VERY long lasting from 3pm to nearly 10pm!!! But overall the fashion runway part was amazing as we got to see many famous models & celebrities and the A/W collection for various “gyaru” brands. Some of the people there (ones I recognized) included Anna Tsuchiya, Masuwaka Tsubasa, Yamada Yu, Triendl Reina, Lena Fuji, Hasegawa Jun, Karina, Yamamoto Yusuke and Nishino Kana was one of the guest performers too!!!  In the end we had an awesome surprise guest performer Akanishi Jin who was a former KAT-TUN member (famous boyband)!! It’s crazy to think I was able to see all these famous celebrities in person – it still doesn’t feel real.   We also got a bunch of free swag from various booths at the show.

Despite my heels killed my feet and the show was gruellingly long at times, it was still an amazing experience. Cause who else can say they went to a huge fashion show in JAPAN?? A reporter also wanted to interview me : 3 but I didn’t speak Japanese fluent enough and he didn’t speak much English. Sigh, my chance to be famous in Japan gone just like that…

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